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Umbrella cockatoo is one of the large species of cockatoo. Its feathers are white,  with a white crest and a bright yellow patch at the inner side of the wings. It has a black bill and grey feet. Around the eye is a small blue circle of skin. Males have black eyes, young umbrella cockatoos and females have brown eyes.

Cockatoos are quite possibly the most cuddling, and affectionate parrots. This is a wonderful quality in a companion bird, but Umbrella Cockatoos are also one of the most demanding companion birds there is. They will go everywhere, and do everything with you if able or given the opportunity. Umbrella Cockatoos are not great talkers but are extremely intelligent. They can be trained easily due to how fast they pick things up. If not handled or trained properly these personality traits can drastically change when they reach sexual maturity (picture a rebellious 16-year-old in bird form).

They live 40 to 70 years, and some even older due to modern healthier diets, exercise, and mental stimulation. Umbrella Cockatoos are not a parrot for first-time bird owners, and a lot of thought and consideration should go into the idea of getting one for a companion bird.

Are umbrella cockatoos good pets?

The umbrella cockatoo owner should have experience with parrots before taking on this feathered handful. This is not a good first bird, nor is a good child’s pet. Like all companion parrots, cockatoos do not thrive on birdseed alone.

Are umbrella cockatoos aggressive?

Male cockatoos often become aggressive in breeding circumstances, but that isn’t the only reason for the behavior. Cockatoos are high-maintenance birds who demand attention

Do umbrella cockatoos talk?

Umbrella Cockatoo will automatically learn to speak. Generally, the Umbrella Cockatoo is not regarded as a talking parrot, though they can be very loud.