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Goffin Cockatoos are wonderfully loving, and affectionate parrots. Goffins are playful and very curious. The requirements, and desire a large amount of socialization.

Goffin Cockatoos are not for inexperienced or first-time bird owners. They need an owner who has plenty of time to spend with them.

They live 30 to 40 years, and some even older due to modern healthier diets, exercise, and mental stimulation. Goffin Cockatoos are not a parrot for first-time bird owners, and a lot of thought and consideration should go
into the idea of getting one for a companion bird.

Appearance of Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin Cockatoo from beak to tail is 12 inches to 13 inches. Goffin Cockatoos are white with pink or salmon color spots on either side of their beak, and the back of their crest.