Pionus For Sale

A study of Pionus parrot personality and behavior

Pionus parrot is a medium-sized parrot and native to Mexico and South America. Characteristics of Pionus parrot are chunky body, bare eye-ring, and short square tail. Pionus parrot is specifically similar to American parrots. Pionus parrot is between 10 and 12 inches in length. It is basically in the same shape, with a short and square tail. Pionus parrot has a bare and fleshy eye- ring circling the entire eye. Pionus parrot considers as the pet animal so Pionus parrot for sale allowed. 

Native Region

pionus parrot for sale has eight species and found in a wide range of south and Central America. Pionus parrot tends to inhabit forested areas, savannas, and mountain regions.

Care and feeding

Pionus parrot eats and they should offer a formulated main diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Personality and behavior

Pionus parrot is known to be a quiet, easy-going, slightly standoffish and midsized parrot. The descriptions are based on the comparisons with other common parrot species. When compared to Amazon, Conure, and Macow the pionus is quiet. Pionus will be very affectionate, easy-going, attentive and sweet.

Speech and sound

Pionus are not known as the best talkers and they will not have a crystal clear voice. But the pionus owner can understand what the bird is saying. A house full of screaming children, barking dogs and television can easily teach the pionus to be noisy.

Health and condition

Pionus parrots have fungal infections, aspergillosis, and visceral gout. Pionus parrot may lead to vitamin A deficiency.

Species of pionus

Eight species of pionus parrots namely: blue-headed, bronze winged, dusky. There are some more Maximilian’s, coral billed or red-billed, plum crowned, white-crowned, and white-headed Pionus parrots. From these eight species, five species pionus parrot for sale are regularly available in the pet trade.

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