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Everything you need to know about Eclectus parrots 

Eclectus parrots come in a variety of sub-species. Our Family Parrots – experienced eclectus parrot breeders. Our Eclectus parrot species originates in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Island Eclectus parrots are prized for their stunning appearance. Their parrot feathers don’t have a distinct outline like the feathers of other birds. This breed look as if they are covered with fine fur and day-glow colors.


Male Eclectus parrots have a bright green, horn colored beak. Also a splash of bright blue on the wings and a bright red under the wings

Female Eclectus  parrots have a stunning red with a deep violet belly and a black beak.

Care and Feeding:

This parrot species is so very active. They need a spacious cage and plenty of time to interact with their owner. Eclectus Parrots know how to keep themselves busy. They need you to offer them stimulating objects/toys or give them jobs to do.

So very playful birds, they need a constant multi array of toys to be chewed on. Toys should be made up of softwood. Always make sure that the bird gets so much attention and activity.

These parrots eat fruits and vegetables in small quantities. This is because they have a longer digestive process when compared to other birds.

Personality and behavior:

The Eclectus is a very intelligent and so gentle bird. Take extra care with toddlers around them because these species will not tolerate frantic activity or constant disturbing noise.

They are not very noisy birds so will be quite vocal and are capable of developing excellent speech. Baby Eclectus may be more prone to feather picking when compared to other parrots.

Eclectus babies are available at Our Family Parrots — Eclectus Parrot Breeders.

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